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What an honor it is to have had critics and audiences repeatedly say I give memorable performances as the resilient chic professional who gives sage counsel.  {Well, there was that one role on Criminal Minds that caused discussion as to whether I could be a reliable babysitter.  But anychoo,…}  I believe and strive to deliver art that not only entertains but also on another level heals or, at the least, opens a door for the audience to make a self-discovery that can lead to healing.  “Will you be healed?” is not always met with a quick ‘yes,’ you know.  #healing

Still I am drawn to roles where I can create a character with a vivid inner life that adds colors to their life’s agenda which causes deviations to the colors of those around them.  I want the audience to feel as if they either know this person and/or can suddenly recognize themselves.  #compassion  One play I did dealt with suicide.  At the end of a performance of Long Time Since Yesterday, the fabulous ensemble cast was told a lady in the audience found peace and was able to heal from her sister’s suicide.  I was not the ‘good’ person in the play. Neil Simon’s Proposals is a play that delivers a 

strong message about the dangers of unforgiveness.  My personal most memorable moment came at the end of my first performance of Her Wicked Ways.  The incomparable Edmund Cambridge, from whom I had received some of the best coaching during No Place to be Somebody, came to see the show.  Afterwards he stopped me and said, “I hated you.”  The feeling of cold ice water went from my head to my feet.  Then he said, “That means you did a great job.”  I forgot to mention I played a psychopath…and yet delivered a monologue with the subtext: “Will you be healed?”

I truly love theatre.  I have been fortunate to appear in plays which received the LA Times Critics Choice (The Amen Corner, of which Mr. Cambridge was one of the initial producers of and an actor in its 1965 Broadway debut), an NAACP nomination (Do Lord Remember Me), and two best ensemble cast nominations:  Long Time Since Yesterday, Look Away.  #collaboration makes life easier!

Compassion, healing and collaboration are at the forefront of my life.  I am working on passion projects to house and restore our homeless and unemployed Vets, destroy food deserts and introduce natural healing modalities to all.  #MoneyWithAMission  I have recently began sharing health tips because COVID-19 was able to overcome many because of what was not happening for their health prior to its introduction into the world.

My times of self-love include cooking, reading, learning new languages, traveling, singing, art.

“Town & Country with a splash of urban polish.”

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